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Plus Factors of Multiplication Blocks

Posted by on Feb 22, 2014 in Apps | 0 comments


Mastering multiplication is one of the most challenging aspects of elementary mathematics. The most common method for kids is to use flash cards or go over the multiplication table countless times until they memorize it. Parents and teachers who are looking for ways to make this task easier and more interesting for kids need not look further as the Multiplication Blocks is here to help. This educational game app for iPhone and iPad users has a lot of plus factors when it comes to building math skills.

technology and education

First of all it’s a game app. This means that the Multiplication Blocks is definitely more fun than the traditional route of reciting the multiplication table or answering flash cards. In this game, the center of the screen is filled with multicolored blocks that represent factors while a falling gray block appears on the side to represent the product. Players need to tap or swipe the factors for the product to clear the blocks and earn points. For example, if a gray block with 6 on it appears on the side, players need to find and tap numbers 3 and 2 that are adjacent to each other in the colored blocks. However, players need to find the factors before the gray block reaches the bottom or it turns into a brick. Once the bricks get stacked up the game will end. Not to worry though, the game can be tailored according to the child’s skill level to avoid frustrations. It features three game modes that include Practice, Normal, and Challenge. The speed and difficulty level can also be adjusted according to the player’s skill.

Children who are struggling with their factors and products can have fun practicing with this app. Aside from the colorful blocks and exciting game mechanics, they can also play according to their own pace. It also helps that kids earn medals for their game accomplishments because these tokens are also great motivators and esteem boosters. Having Multiplication Blocks in your gadget is a definite plus for those who want to build math skills and promote math fluency in their kids.


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Heights of Fun with Helicopter Taxi

Posted by on Feb 16, 2014 in Apps | 0 comments



Before the video games and consoles have been around children used their imagination in playing with their toy cars and airplanes. But since nothing is virtually impossible nowadays, Toca Toca AB brings an app that combines classic pretend play of a toy helicopter and the animation of video games – the Helicopter Taxi. This app transforms your phone into a toy that adds dimension in a classic pretend play with an inanimate object.

The Helicopter Taxi features a 3-D helicopter that can be viewed in different angles. You can change the view and make the helicopter move by moving the iPhone or iPod Touch. Set it down on a flat surface and you’ll see the top view of the chopper and a helipad where one can drop off and pick up passengers. Pick it up again and the helicopter flies off to either bring the passenger to their destination or pick up a new passenger. What is nice about this app is that users can feel like they are actually flying the helicopter around the house because of the Augmented Reality Effect wherein the camera is used to incorporate the room images in the helicopter background as it flies from one spot to the other. The app also features five characters with fun voices to guide and entertain your child during playtime. Parents or siblings can also join in the fun by helping younger ones assign pick-up or drop-off points around the house or taking turns in transporting passengers until quitting time.

Take your kids to different heights of excitement in pretend play with the Helicopter Taxi. Its 3-D fun and interesting characters are sure to feed your child’s imagination. This app can also help develop their navigating skills as well. However, parents should make sure that kids are in a child proofed room or at least remind their kids to be careful when playing and walking at the same time in order to avoid accidents.


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Mini Monet: More Fun and Learning for Little Artists

Posted by on Feb 14, 2014 in Apps | 0 comments


Fun and learning is always a good combination in honing a child’s skills. This is why most parents choose educational toys and apps for their kids. A popular tool that parents can use to help kids develop their creative skills is an art app for gadgets and smart phones. In this field, the Mini Monet Creative Studio and Art Club for Kids offer more than just the average art application.

This virtual studio and gallery can be your little artist’s first step in becoming a future Monet. Its intuitive design and technical quality makes it easy for kids to draw, color, create, and showcase their artwork. One basic feature of an art app is a blank page or canvass where kids can express their creative ideas. This is also available in the Mini Monet app along with coloring pages, stamps, and stickers. Young kids who are in the process of developing their fine motor skills can make use of the Magic Pencil tool to help them stay inside the lines and enjoy coloring the pictures. Older kids around 6 to 8 years old can have fun creating their own art work or in tackling the weekly challenges. Once the artwork is done, they can save it and share it with members of the Art Club, pretty much like artists showcasing their work in art galleries. This app is covered by parental controls and privacy policy so that the kids can work in a safe environment when using the Mini Monet Art Club feature.

Another feature that kids will enjoy with this app is the Art Store. Kids can earn coins by opening the app, finishing an art work, sharing their work, and appreciating the work of others. Coins earned can be used to purchase additional content from the Art Store. The Mini Monet Creative Studio and Art Club for Kids is an engaging app with different levels of fun. It is a great tool for encouraging creativity, at the same time it can also promote social skills and boost esteem with little artists appreciating each other’s work of art.


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Your Online Presence

Posted by on Feb 10, 2014 in Online reputation | 0 comments

Online marking. E-commerce marketing. Self-promotion. Advertising. Whatever you want to call it, the bottom line is that in order to succeed online, whether your business is completely online-based or your online business is simply an extension of your offline one, it’s important to focus on various types of advertising efforts in order to attract visitors who will hopefully turn into customers, and search engines that will rank your site highly within their indexes.


Here are a few tips to help you with your online marketing endeavors:

1. Keep things simple with an integrated registrar & host
Save yourself some clicks and payment woes by consolidating your domain registration and hosting account into one. Many companies, for example, can provide both services for you. Some companies can also offer custom website templates, social media account setup, e-commerce solutions, and their own advertising campaigns.

2. Update daily
Pick something — your blog, your Facebook account, your Twitter account, or ideally all three, and commit to updating them once per day. You don’t always have to post company-promoting content; feel free to engage visitors with trivia or questions about how their day is going – or share how your day is going.

3. Invest in one paid campaign
It’s fine to go it alone in terms of advertising and marketing, but give yourself a break at least a little bit of the time by using a pay-per-click or integrated links campaign. On the days you need a break from all of your online marketing efforts, you’ll appreciate knowing that the paid campaign is still going strong.

4. Use a calendar to set goals and meet deadlines
Organization is a very important part of any successful endeavor, especially a multi-faceted one such as online marketing. Make use of calendars, notebooks, to-do lists, dry erase pads, etc. – whatever it takes to keep you focused and on task.

5. Give yourself a day off
This is especially important for business owners who work from home. While it may be perfectly acceptable to be joined at the hip with your laptop, nobody said it’s good for your health, or your sanity. Pick a day, even if it’s the middle of the way, to kick back and relax.

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Get a Piece of Math Action from Slice Fractions

Posted by on Feb 8, 2014 in Apps | 0 comments


It is quite uncommon to find a child who would eagerly spend time tackling Math problems or doing homework for that matter. But with modern technology, lessons can be incorporated in fun and sometimes addicting activities to make learning a breeze for young kids. Game apps for smart phones and gadgets are examples of such modern learning tools. And when it comes to fractional math, you can ditch the pie chart and let a mammoth’s adventure in Slice Fractions teach your child a thing or two.

make learning more fun!

On its face value, this app is a combination of slicing games and puzzles that feature adorable characters and catchy music. A closer look at Slice Fractions would reveal math concepts like part whole partitioning, numerator and denominator, equivalent fractions, fraction ordering, and subtracting fractions from a whole, subtly incorporated in the game. The objective is to help a wooly mammoth clear his path from chunks of ice and lava that are blocking his way. Players need to slice a portion of a large ice block hanging in the sky and drop them in the obstacles in the ground. It starts easy with basic concepts of shapes and sizes then progress to more difficult levels with actual fractions incorporated in the game. The mammoth earns a goofy hat for every level accomplished. These hats can also be an added incentive for the kids to keep working on the different levels. There is very little to worry about as far as boredom is concerned, the puzzles are quite engaging that even adults can enjoy it too.

Slice Fractions for iPhone, iPad, and iPod is a fresh way for kids to get a piece of some math action without being overwhelmed with lessons. Three to five year old kids can have a go at it and get an early exposure in math concepts. Parents or teachers can use the game as reference for actual school work and make kids realize that learning Math can be lots of fun too.


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Entertain and Educate Kids with Busytown Mysteries

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in Apps | 0 comments


Playing, watching TV, and reading are three of the popular leisure activities that kids engage in.  These activities are usually enjoyed separately, but with modern apps they can all be rolled into one. One action packed app for kids is the Busytown Mysteries. This application combines cartoon entertainment, learning, singing, reading, and playing in one game application.


Busytown Mysteries for iPhone and iPad features full length stories, karaoke sing along sequences, and interactive games. This app can be helpful for parents who would like to help their kids develop reading and deductive reasoning skills.  It is presented like an episode of the Busytown Mysteries cartoon series with the curious Huckle Cat taking the lead in solving mysteries. A good thing about this app is that they utilize speech bubbles, character–specific word highlighting and touch-to-speak technology in every page. Kids can go over the highlighted words as each character delivers their line and repeat the lines if they missed a word. This can be an effective tool to help young kids develop reading skills. The same goes for the three karaoke sing along sequences that are featured in the toontale episode. Aside from reading skills, there are also different educational objectives in every toontale episode. The games in the first toontale aim to help Memory Development and Recall, episode 2 promotes number and color recognition, and episode 3 deals with shape and image association. Parents can also appreciate the interactive summary at the end of the story which introduces kids to the concept of deductive reasoning.

Children will definitely enjoy the interactive experiences from start to finish. In a way, they can also be little detectives by helping Huckle Cat solve the mystery. Going through the games and paying attention to the clues can make a future sleuth out of your little ones. Busytown Mysteries is packed with action, entertainment, and learning. They make perfect fillers for a child’s downtime or a boredom solution when traveling with kids.


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