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gopro camera kid  head

my wacky-not so little boy

They say that life is best seen through the eyes of a child. Children are filled with such innocence and wonder, that they simply see the world for what it is. They don’t make judgments or overthink things like we adults do.

Given their innate optimism, you’d think that kids can’t see the world any better than they already do. Oh, but they can- using a child-friendly and sturdy camera/camcorder. With a good digital camcorder attached to its head, a child will be able to capture the essence of all the physical beauty of life surrounding him.

We’re talking about the GoPro camera or simply GoPro. GoPros are small and wearable, waterproof and shockproof cameras that you won’t have to worry a single bit about your child mishandling and eventually breaking it. They’re just about as durable as your little boy’s Lego blocks, and will last well until your kid’s teen years.

GoPros have had their fair share of fame; featured on Mythbusters and even Sarah Palin’s show….so famous are they that seagulls are stealing them thereby taking part in filming. Here’s one video of a seagull stealing a GoPro one night in Cannes:

Next time you head off for an adventure, consider having a GoPro camera capture your memories. The resident geek at home, a.k.a. hubby, always had fun with it, he would strap it on his head whenever we’re out but the kid is not to be undermined, he also has his share of fun to show! (Will upload those soon!)

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  1. how much is a Gopro cam sis? I am not aware it exists, shockproof and waterproof that’s awesome!

    • mommy joy, complete with all accessories, around 300€. I will ask hubs exactly how much…

  2. This is such a cool gadget. I would want to have one to document my bike rides and runs.

  3. I’m sure kids will enjoy this GoPro camera just like your little boy model who seems to enjoy ed it to the max!!

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